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List of changes for versions

Version 1.9.1
November 25, 2013

* Windows 8 support.


Version 1.9
September 1, 2012

* A unique HotKey may be assigned to each Profile.
* The Mouse Shaker are more stable now, it doesn't make a false triggering anymore.
* The new "Follow focus selection" feature has been added. The Glass may follow after an selection (in menus, Explorer, etc.).
* The new "Show magnified text caret" option.
* The new "Magnification" item has been added to popup menu of Glass icon in system tray. Allows quickly change the magnification level.
* The Auto-switcher correctly detects 64-bit applications.
* No doubled mouse cursor in 64-bit applications anymore.
* The visual appearance has been enhanced.
* Bug fixes have been integrated.


Version 1.8
June 20, 2009

* Added mouse wheel to HotKeys.
* Added option for three Glass shapes.
* Added options to change the size and color of the magnified cursor. Also, the size of the cursor is no longer dependent on the current zoom value.
* All visual effects are faster.
* Added a new visual effect: "Web Designer".
* Contrast options have been moved to visual effects.
* New option for Windows Vista was added to allow for correct switching to/from the Aero style.
* Added a feature called "Float Zone" to the "Under Cursor" position mode. The Glass is not moving while the cursor stays in "Float Zone" area.
* Added the option "Display transparent windows and effects" for fixed position modes.
* The visual appearance has been enhanced.
* Bug fixes have been integrated.


Version 1.7.1
August 3, 2008

* Major bug fixes has been integrated.


Version 1.7
June 12, 2008

* Added HotKeys for all operations.
* Added new HotKey "Lock/Unlock Glass".
* The anomaly where the real cursor was incorrectly displaced by the Glass has been resolved.
* Some visual effects are faster now.
* The Czech language is now supported by the Magnifying Glass Pro user interface.
* The visual appearance has been enhanced.
* Bug fixes has been integrated.


Version 1.6
March 1, 2008

* "Command Mode" can now be toggled on/off (no need to hold down keys anymore).
* Mouse buttons can be added to your Hotkeys combinations (i.e. Alt + MouseLeftButton; or MouseLeftButton + MouseRightButton)
* Additional languages are now supported by the user interface: German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch.
* Bug where the mouse cursor disappeared has been resolved.


Version 1.5
October 26, 2007

* New Full Screen mode.
* Qualitative anti-aliasing (smoothing).
* Lower CPU power consumption.
* Glass no longer goes beyond screen edges.
* Ability to maximize the Magnifying Glass Pro window.
* More comfortable Command Mode behaviour.
* New copy to clipboard function.
* Better visual appearance.
* Improved Install and Uninstall procedures.
* Bug fixes.


Version 1.4
June 26, 2007

* Compatibility with Windows Vista.
* Higher reliability.
* Option for resizing all dialogs and fonts in Magnifying Glass Pro. This is useful for visually impaired users.
* Improved Glass performance.
* Better visual appearance.
* Bug fixes.


Version 1.3
March 1, 2007

* Improved visual appearance of application. Bugs fixes.


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