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If you contact the Magnifying Glass Pro team by email or letter, please communicate with us in English only. Unfortunately we will be unable to respond to communications in other languages.

Support for our products:

1. Currently we provide support by email only.

2. We provide support in English only. Unfortunately, we are unable to respond to communications that are initiated in any other language.

3. We will do our best to reply to your communication within 3 business days. In rare cases a response may take 7 calendar days, but no more.

4. We ALWAYS respond to customerís emails, except in the following specific cases:
a) We will not respond to email that addresses a topic other than our own products or activities.
b) We will not respond to email that contains inappropriate language (e.g., swearing).
c) We may not respond to email in which the tone is rude or disrespectful.

5. If you don't receive a reply from us within described term, maybe:
a) We didn't receive your communication. Please try again (e.g., maybe try a different email address if you think the first one should have worked).
b) We did reply but for some reason our reply didnít get to you because of a spam filter or other obstacle along the way. Please check your spam folder first, then adjust your spam filter to allow our response and contact us again. We will re-send the reply.

Administration e-mail: admin@workerscollection.com

Magnifying Glass e-mail: glass@workerscollection.com

Technical support: glass@workerscollection.com




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