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Supports Windows 10 !

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Help make Magnifying Glass Pro available to people around the globe. In exchange for your assistance in translating a small amount of English language text to your native language, you will receive a Magnifying Glass Pro license for free!

The offer is simple. You translate the Magnifying Glass Pro English language interface (e.g., field labels, text dialogs) to your native language. In turn we will give you a full license to Magnifying Glass Pro absolutely free of charge.

Translators will translate approximately 200 lines of text which include pop-up messages, dialogs, button and field labels. Some lines are as short as a single word.

We are currently interested in translation to the following languages:

  • Greek
  • Italian
  • Norwegian
  • Swedish

If you'd like to be a Magnifying Glass Pro translator in exchange for a free Magnifying Glass Pro license, contact us at admin@workerscollection.com. Please include your name, location (country), and native language. In addition, please explain how you came to be proficient in English, and, if you are offering to translate to a language other than your own native language, please explain how you came to be proficient in that language too.

Hurry! This offer is available for a limited time!



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